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Trail conditions:

These are overall general conditions.  For additional trail information based on the current weather check the comments below and our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Kokopelli.Bike.Club.  Please also post any observations regarding trail conditions that would be helpful to other users.  For route descriptions and locations on all of these rides pick up a map at www.bigloopmaps.com
Trail Conditions

Trail and Condition (Trails that have no reports yet on current conditions have ratings reflecting their typical condition for this time year)
Sand Canyon System - Sand Canyon trail -
Sand Canyon System - East Rock trail -
Sand Canyon System - West Rock trail -
Phil's World Trail System - Start KBB, Coco race, Lemon head, Maze, Bobs, Abajo, Rib cage, Here for more, DRB ESB
Phil's World Trail System - Stinkin Springs
Phil's World Trail System - Ledges
Phil's World Trail System - 2-More
Phil's World Trail System - Trust loop
Phil's World Trail System - Hippy House loop
Sagehen System - Rim Trail (Lower loop) - Trail realignments and maintenance are continuing throughout 2014 then trail will be signed!!  Watch for new sections.  On 6/17/12 Trail was remarked with flagging.  Epic trail and views!
The short cut off trail for the lower loop is not very defined but is flagged with light green tape and is easy to follow but the turn is hard to spot.  About 1/4 mile after the first distinct 4wd road crossing look for old corrals way off to the right.  The cutoff flagging is south to the right where the trail comes to a ravine and then heads north on the west side of the ravine and the cutoff heads south along the ravine on the west side.  See map of all Sagehen trails at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/190759325#
Sagehen System - Lookout Trail (Upper loop) - Trail realignments and maintenance are continuing throughout 2014 then trail will be signed!!  Watch for new sections.  On 6/17/12 Trail was remarked with flagging, needs bike tracks.  Epic trail and views when it is ridden in!  See map of all Sagehen trails at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/190759325#
Sam's Trail - Ruined by motorized vehicles. Difficult to navigate.
Chutes & Ladders - Trail is overgrown and difficult to navigate.
Snaggletooth - 
Boggy Draw System - Boggy trail, Cows are there now.  6/10/14 trail was realigned off of 4wd road in one section.
Boggy Draw System - Mavericks trail, Cows are there now.
Boggy Draw System - Italian Canyon trail, Cows are there now.
Boggy Draw System - Bean Canyon trail, Cows are there now.
Stoner Mesa - 6/10/14 Moto guys cleared most of the trees.  There are still a few at the beginning and some short muddy spots as of 6/10/14 but the trail is in great shape and no cows yet.   See map at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/182509138 .
Groundhog stock trail loop - Best done as a loop parking at the bottom of Dunton Road FS #535 on Hwy 145 then riding up Hwy 145 > Turn left northwest on Cross mountain trail > turn left west on Groundhog stock trail > Left on Dunton Road FS #535 back to vehicle.  Not a beginner ride.
Priest Gulch - Not a beginner ride.  As of 6/10/14 Moto guys cleared the trees.
Calico - Technical riding with big climbs and hike-a-bike. Not a beginner ride.  Lower Calico up to Burnett trees were cleared by the moto guys as of 6/10/14 but no word on upper at this time.
Taylor road > Up priest gulch trail > Down Calico loop
Taylor road > Down Priest Gulch trail loop - Nice loop.  Not a beginner ride.  See map at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/214845179  See video clip at https://vimeo.com/48202148 
Winter Trail - 6/28/14 report that winter was good.  Can be very boggy when it rains.
West fall trail - Not a beginner ride.
Morrison - Upper Morrison on Haycamp FS is working on clearing trees.  No word yet on if lower by Bear creek is cleared yet.
Bear Creek - 5/20/14 report: Clear of down trees and mostly clear of snow up to the Grindstone Trail intersection
Little Bear Creek - This trail creates a loop (Hillside Rd>Little Bear Creek trail>Bear creek trail) and the singletrack is primarily downhill.  If you start at the first entrance (furthest to the west) off of FS 436 there are a bunch of trees down as of 6/4.  Better to enter off of FS 358.  Little Bear Creek is marked with posts and cairns but is faint at first.  It does have some very technical downhill sections that require walking for anyone that is not a skilled downhiller.  Not a beginner ride.  See map at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/185558678
Rough Canyon - This trail creates a loop (Hillside Rd>Rough Canyon trail>Roaring Fork Rd).  A significant portion of the loop is on dirt road with a majority of the singletrack downhill.  Rough Canyon trail has some very technical downhill sections including some unridable downhill switchbacks.  Not a beginner ride.  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/185558683
Grindstone - No reports yet but estimated at 6/16/14 to have lots of snow on the first mile of singletrack on the north side then minimal snow on most of grindstone and expect trees down.  Hillside should be fine.  Bear creek section has a few trees down and is dry.  This trail creates a great loop (Hillside Road > Grindstone > Bear Creek trail loop) - Not a beginner ride.  See map at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/99211719
Salt Creek - As of 6/24/14 all the trees are cleared and the trail is dry and ridable.
This trail creates a great loop (Scotch Creek > Colorado Trail > Salt Creek loop).  See map at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/182509011
This is also a great loop via hillside with the majority of climbing on a graded road and epic singletrack all the way back down! (30 mile+ / 4000'+ elv gain): Park at Ryman trailhead > take hwy 145 southwest aprox 4+ miles > turn southeast on Hillside drive and climb aprox 14+ miles to end of road > turn right south uphill on short connector trail to 3/4 mile to Grindstone trail junction > turn left!!! east on short connector 1/4 mile trail up hill to Colorado Trail > turn left northeast on Colorado Trail > turn left west on the marked Salt creek trail (Be sure to turn left or west, don't take the first trail marked salt to the east on the right!!!!!) > descend to back to trail head.  As an early season alternative riding the FS road or up Roaring fork is the best option.  
East Fork -
Barlow to Bolam pass - Dry and ridable.
Rico>Barlow>CT>Circle trail - Dry and ridable.  A GPS is highly recommended.  The start of the Circle trail is hard to find and it is technically challenging to ride down.  Do not drop into the valley unless you are sure your on the circle trail.  When on the CT go straight on the faint trail instead of taking the hard left on the CT just after topping out on section point.  Follow the faint, sometimes non-existent, trail on the right (northeast) side of the ridge for about 1/4 mile to something that looks like a "moon bowl" then look for a trail sign on the other side dropping west into the valley.  Check out the map and upload the GPS here
Colorado Trail - Section point, Blackhawk section to Grindstone - 6/16/14 Bolam to the top of Blackhawk still has a lot of snow and some trees down.  Estimated to be clear enough to ride/hike the weekend of the 28th but still early season conditions.  6/16/14 CT section (Blackhawk>scotch>salt) is mostly clear of trees and minimal snow.
Colorado Trail - 6/16/14 report - Lots of snow still but estimated to be passable by the weekend of the 28th.  Highline section between Grindstone and Cumberland basin. Lots of hike-a-bike.
Chicken Creek trail - FS is working on clearing trees.  No reports yet
West Mancos Trail - FS is working on clearing trees.  No reports yet
Other high country trails above 11,000' -
Other high country trails below 11,000' - As of 6/11/14 most are drying up fast but trees are not all cleared yet.
Legend for trail conditions
Green -  Trail is in good condition for riding provided it hasn't received any recent moisture that would create temporarily muddy conditions
Yellow - Trail is in early or late season conditions.  Do not use the trail if there has been any recent moisture.  Be prepared to dismount and cross snowdrifts or muddy sections.  A good portion of the trail is dry and rideable but usually soft.  You will need to use good judgment on muddy sections of the trail so you will not cause permanent trail damage.  Fat bikes are best to use for these conditions
Red - Trail is not open to riding due to snowy or muddy conditions.  Using the trail will damage it when muddy!  Fat bikes may be used when the snow adequate

The San Juan National forest trail crew and Conservation core 2013 schedule summary:

The SJNF trail crew will focus more on tread and drainage maintenance as most of the high mountain trails get trees cleared by the San Juan Trail riders, Mesa Verde Backcountry Horsemen and other unknown trail workers.  The bike club clears trees and maintains the Boggy Draw Trail System and the Phil's World trail system.  The trail crew also has weekly plans which frequently change to react to the lates trail emergency.
  • Schedule not released yet
Boggy Draw Cow Dates: 

Schedule not released yet

ATTENTION: If you see any illegal activity out on the trails PLEASE call and email the Dolores Public Lands office to report it.  Please put these numbers in your cell phone so you have them if there is an incident.  Thanks!!! 
Phil's World mountain bike singletrack is all designated non-motorized.  There is also a designated motorized trail at Phil's World that crosses the non-motorized trails numerous times so watch for traffic.  Boggy Draw mountain bike singletrack is all non-motorized.  There is also a designated OHV route that  crosses the non-motorized trail numerous times so watch for traffic.
  • Tres Rios Field Office, 29211 Hwy. 184, Dolores, Colorado 81323, 970-882-7296 or 970-882-6849 
  • Boggy Draw Trail System - Derek Padilla <dpadilla@fs.fed.us> and Penny Wu <pwu@fs.fed.us> 
  • Phil's World - Ranger Logan Briscoe for BLM lands - <lbriscoe@blm.gov> Cell 970-759-2901
  • Phil's World Trail System - Connie Clementson <cclementson@blm.gov> and Jeffrey Christenson <jchristenson@blm.gov>
  • Phil's World State Trust Land - Kent Grant for problems with wood cutters at Phil's World - Cell 970-749-0298  




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